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I'm a musician who lives and works in Dresden, Germany. My musical career started early and at high scool I realised that I wanted to become a professional musician. I'm a conscientious objector and decided to go for the civilian service instead of the military because I'm a peaceful man. After studying musicology at the TU Berlin I went on to work as freelance musician, singer, songrwriter, audio producer and organizer of major music events. I like music in general, oil-painting, reading and writing, meditating and roaming through nature.

My latest work "The Journey Home" / "The Journey - Die Reise nach Hause"- is a double album for deep ralaxation and (self-) healing based on my experience in music, meditation and even hypnosis. I wanted to share that knowledge and help people in need with my skills. This process resulted in a unique and far more complex album that I imagined at first, and I got a remarkably good feedback from different people so that i produced it professionally, which took some time, and released it as a double audio CD and MP3 album in German, English and as an instrumental version. It's a very effective combination of deep relaxation and (self-) healing. Listen, relax, see and find!


DANIEL PIECHOTA . solo artist . new solo album in progress. more info coming soon...



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"The Journey Home - Die Reise nach Hause" . Relaxing & healing double album . OUT NOW! . Listen to the DEMO here!

Buy audio CD "The Journey - Die Reise nach Hause" . double CD . instrumental & guided voice version . German

Buy MP3 double album "The Journey Home - Die Reise nach Hause". double album . English, German & instrumental

Listen to the DEMO & get info "The Journey Home - Die Reise nach Hause" . English, German and Instrumental)

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